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60 MINUTES £147

Suitable for all skin types

A course is recommended.

Please shave the night before this facial it is not advisable to shave on the same day.

A favourite for males. This facial is specifically designed for deep cleansing. It addresses breakouts, razor bumps and balances the skin.

Hot compresses infused with tea tree, lavender and geranium essential oils, greet the skin to relax and freshen. Deep cleansing, gentle steaming, glycolic exfoliation, extractions and ingrown hair removal are all preformed before a purifying mask containing green clay, Echinacea, goldenseal and anti-bacterial essential oils is applied to heal the skin. Finally a cool mist of 98% pure oxygen is gently sprayed over the entire face to energise, heal and tone the skin. Finally a nourishing oil free moisturiser is massaged into the skin.

This treatment can be upgraded with the following add ons :

LED light therapy £40

Glycolic peel £30

Biopure nanotechnology serums £30

Charged peptide with hyaluronic acid masks £40

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